Aloe Vera Face Toner Ayurvedic Herbal Fresh Mint Skin Toner Spray

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  • 🌱 Ayurvedic Skin Toner Spray: Herbal face toner is made with natural ingredients aloe Vera juice, fresh mint juice, rose water, aqua base. Aloe Vera gives a calming and soothing effect and mint helps to cool your skin. Face mint toner helps to remove the tan, dry dark skin, sun tan and damaged skin. It helps to reduce acne . Helps to tighten pores & bright skin. It is purest and made of natural ingredient
  • 👧 Removes Excess Oils & Dirt: Aloe Vera face toner is ensures that any excess oil does not stay on the topical and is instantly removed before moisturizer application .Fresh mint face mist spray skin toner has active ingredients that are responsible for pore tightening without needing alcohol, which can actually damage the skin
  • 🥰 Get Clear & Bright Skin : Aloe Vera face toner helps to deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Mint face mist toner helps to smoothen-softens and nourishes skin. Ayurvedic herbal face mist toner helps with skin balancing and toning, helps in fading of dark circles. Herbal face mint toner spray, controls excess oil and tightens pores. Natural mix face toner helps to minimize pores and gives a dewy glow
  • 👉 Easy to Apply: Aloe Vera & fresh mint face toner is enriched with natural vitamin C,K & A which helps soften skin and also enhances natural glow . Spray on your face and clean after 30 second. Mint face toner can be used several times a day as a refresher or face cleaner. Aloe Vera helps during sunburns, skin infection and fight skin ageing
  • 🚫 No Chemical Properties: Refresh face mist skin toner is made with traditional based ayurvedic with aloe Vera mint . Aloe Vera face toner is chemical-free there is no paraben, sulfates, silicone and mineral oil. It is Palm oil Free & cruelty-free. Made using only safe and natural ingredients. Mint face toner spray helps in protecting skin from environmental damage that helps to deep cleanse the skin and refresh skin. Aloe Vera mint facial toner is dermatologically tested.

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Aloe Vera Face Toner Ayurvedic Herbal Fresh Mint Skin Toner Spray
Aloe Vera Face To...
Rs. 189.00